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EAX20 - Seems to be trying to act as DHCP Server


EAX20 - Seems to be trying to act as DHCP Server

I've got a home network where I use a windows server to handle DHCP assignments/reservations


The server was having some issues the other day and I had it offline for a bit - I noticed a few of my devices had picked up an IP address assignment from DHCP.. and since the EAX20's IP was the one set for the default gateway and DNS I assume that somehow even though the web control panel has no settings that indicate it even has DHCP, that it's responsible somehow


I looked through the manual and there is one place that mentions DHCP Server and client enabled by default

Page 65 at the bottom -of table 10 it says
DHCP - Server and client are enabled


I thought perhaps it was because I had guest network enabled? so I turned that off but I noticed when my windows server DHCP was unavailable, devices (wired and wireless) again begun getting DHCP assignments that seem to have pointed to the IP of the extender


My EAX20 is set up as an AP - it's using an Ethernet connection to the network


I can not find any relevant setting in the web interface.


I am really really loathe to use the nighthawk app because connecting a cloud account/remote admin to my network just really bugs me ... I finally went to try it in case there are more settings available there but I was unable to connect  - I'm going to troubleshoot that - there's another Netgear device (A Nighthawk R8000 router set up in AP mode)


So I guess I just want to ask this - if anyone out there with an EAX20 who can access theirs via the nighthawk app - is there a setting for DHCP Server (not client) and can it be disabled via that? if so I will redouble my efforts - if not it's not worth my trouble...


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