Re: EAX80 Wifi Extender not connecting


EAX80 Wifi Extender not connecting

I recently moved into a complex as part of my job requirement.

The Complex provides us with Spectrum, when I go to it mentions Spectrum Business.

To log into the wifi you have to sign into a member portal to get access, unless you whitelist a mac address and just enter the wifi password to get(I've done this with other devices).

My problem is when I tried to extend the Wifi with my EAX80 Extender.

It does not assign an IP address, nor does it seem to have internet(I whitelisted the mac address of the EAX80).

Any help will be appreciated.



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Re: EAX80 Wifi Extender not connecting

An extender isn't really the best device in this scenario, as it merely extends your 'WAN' WLAN (to the extent possible-) transparently to your connected devices, in exchange that also implies that your own devices are expected to the external WLAN (with implications on your network security (none, you're exposed to the outside) and the need of having to whitelist each and every devices in your household).


A better solution would be a full router, able to register as wireless client to your ISP and then acting as router, NAT gateway and stateful firewall towards it, separating your own (wired- and wireless-) network from theirs. That way only your router needs to be registered to their network, your internal devices only connecting to your own router.


I can't really name a (Netgear- or otherwise) device with this functionality (using a WLAN client as WAN) from the top of my head though, as I've never needed this feature myself (but such routers exist).

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