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EEX8000 does not take hand off from X10 Router


EEX8000 does not take hand off from X10 Router

Issue: Extender does not take handoff of device roaming to new location.

 WiFi device (iPADPRO) moved from 2nd Floor Office from front of 3,000 sq ft house (Router location) to 1st Floor Family Room rear of house (Extender location).

  1. Device reports (OOKLA) ~230mbps download and ~12 mbps upload in office. Device reports ~40mbps down and ~5mbps up in Family Room. Logging off Network in Family Room and logging back in (same single network name) results in >225mbps down and ~ 12up.
  2. Returning to Office with device, performance is 230mbps down and 12mpbs up; router appears to have taken handoff without log off/on
  3. Returning to Family Room, logoff/logon required to regain download/upload speeds
  4. Extender and Router FW Current
  5. Smart Connect Enabled, One WiFi name enabled, Same Network Name and PW

Any insight welcome. Thx. 

Model: EX8000|AC3000 Nighthawk X6S Tri Band WiFi Range Extender
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Sr. NETGEAR Moderator

Re: EEX8000 does not take hand off from X10 Router

You could try to lower the power level of the bands on the wifi router to see if it will handoff when moving around.



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