EX 3100 EXTENDER Network security key


EX 3100 EXTENDER Network security key

Please help, my extender was working fine so i know I am well within range and all is ok. Now when I log in I get a message that says, "ENTER NETWORK SECURITY KEY." What is the "network security key?" I have entered the wifi password for the router, I know I have a connection, what is the NETWORK SECURITY KEY? How do I get the NETWORK SECURITY KEY???  Thank you! MarkMannM2

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Re: EX 3100 EXTENDER Network security key

What router did you set it up with?

Did you set it up using WPS?
If so, try factory resetting the extender and install it using the installation assistant and not WPS. 

WPS doesn't always get coded the same and can cause issues. 

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