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EX 7500 vs EX 7300


EX 7500 vs EX 7300


Change of pace question:

I am renting a beach home for a couple of weeks. 3 story place. The internet equipment is on first floor, which apparently works well for most. But my family wil be there and a bunch of phones and tablets, and I have 2 PCs as I wil probably need to get some work in.

Thats the background.


Looking at a extender/repeater-either the EX7300 or EX 7500-the 7500 has fastlane--but the 7300 has an ethernet plug and If I bring a switch and cat 6 wire I can run my 2 pcs via ethernet and also my internet phone, or I can get the 7500 and do it wireless.

Is the 7500 that much better for fast and clean transmission (eg consistent higher speeds  not losing much  speed from the modem which I think is 50 mps) than the 7300?

I thought about the new 8000 but I did not want to have it so obvious in the house with all the family around..


Thanks in advance for opinions




Model: EX7300|AC2200 WiFi Range Extender
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Re: EX 7500 vs EX 7300

Hi @Halbert,


Welcome to the community!


In the setup that you have described, it may be better going for the EX7500 for the fastlane feature. This allows for a lesser speed degradation on the connection point between the router to the extender compared to the EX7300. This is all assuming that the extender will be placed at an optimum location to get a good signal from the router.





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