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EX2700 BT Home Hub 5 no internet


EX2700 BT Home Hub 5 no internet

Hi, I have set this extender up on my network. Everything seems to be connected properly. I am trying to connect my phone to the extended network. I have set this up at mywifiext.net and it says everything is connected and the phone detects the connection and says it's connected but when I try to use the internet the pages wont load and there is no internet.


Has anyone got any ideas?


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Re: EX2700 BT Home Hub 5 no internet

OK, i've resolved this problem now. I spent 3 hours researching security settings and ip addresses on my router with no luck. As a last resort I turned the router and extender of at the mains and rebooted. This has fixed the problem. I have no idea why it would not connect to the internet before but hopefully this simple solution may help others with the BT Home Hub 5.

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