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EX2700 ignoring my DHCP settings and changing MAC addresses!


EX2700 ignoring my DHCP settings and changing MAC addresses!

I have an Ubiqquiti ER-X as my main router and DHCP server, with a big table of fixed IPs for my main network devices (printers, switches, NAS drives etc). At the end of one arm of the n/w I have Netgear R6400 and I'm using an EX2700 to extend the wifi of this switch. It seems to be working fine...


...except that it's ignoring my DHCP settings on the ER-X, and causing the ER-X to think the attached devices are different. So, for example, on the ER-X my PC has a fixed allocated address of .1.210 but when connexted to the EX2700 the address is coming from the free DHCP pool and is allocated .1.93.


It seems to be doing this by altering the MAC address of my PC wireless adapter! The actual adress is 50:3e:aa:12:34:56 (last 6 numbers altered for the purpose of this post) and it's changing the MAC address to 02:0f:b5:12:34:56, so it's changed the 1st 6 numbers only.


Why? Can anyone tell me how I can stop this happening?


PS The MAC address of the EX2700 also begins with 02:0f:b5!

Model: EX2700|N300 WiFi Range Extender Essentials Edition
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Re: EX2700 ignoring my DHCP settings and changing MAC addresses!

Well, for anyone else who's curious, it seems this MAC address translation is a thing Netgear repeaters do. It's in the bloody manual! WTF? Why on earth would you do something like that? What's the bloody point? Very annoying. Tempted to stick it back in its box and send it back...

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