EX3700/AC750 which network/sub-network to use

Actually, my extender is model EX3700, AC750.

It is configured, but while I was on chat with a Netgear rep, the connection was lost before I could ask a question.

The extender is connected to my home network via Apple Airport.

There are also tow other networks now with it,  _2GEXT and _5GEXT.

Must I change or switch to one of the new extensions/ networks in order for the extender to work with an iPad, iPhone, other tablets, etc?

I would ask them again but for some reason, even though I bought the extender 2 days ago, I get a message that my free 90-day support has expired.

Anyway.  Thanks in advance for any help or answers.



Model: EX3920|AC750 WiFi Range Extenders
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Re: EX3700/AC750 which network/sub-network to use

Hi @lvbassist,

                       Your extender seems to be configured. Just connect to _2GEXT or _5GEXT with your router's password and you are good to go with extender's network. You can send your bill copy to Netgear inorder to validate your purchase since you bought it recently.

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Re: EX3700/AC750 which network/sub-network to use

Thank you

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