EX3700 DNS server isn't Responding

I have had a Wifi Range Extender model EX3700 for about a week now and the first 5 days it was working great. I had no problems with it.


Suddenly one night with no warning it just stopped connecting to the internet. I can still connect to the extender but the connection has no internet access.


When I troubleshoot the problem it tells me the DNS server isn't responding.


I know this is a problem with the extender as when I connect directly to the router I can get online with no problem. 


I have a BT Home Hub 5 router.


I know there are similar threads but nothing that seemed to work for me that I could find so any help would be appreciated. 


Model: EX3700|N600 WiFi Range Extender
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Re: EX3700 DNS server isn't Responding

Hello AGpacman


I would make sure the extender has the latest Firmware and you may also want to factory reset the extender and set it up again.



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Re: EX3700 DNS server isn't Responding

Thanks for the reply.


I have already got it working again. It was unusual as I had tried factory resetting it a couple of times with no luck but then for no apparent reason when I reset it the next day to try again it started working and I've had no problems so far.

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