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Re: EX3700 LAN to device doesn't work (in wifi extender mode)


EX3700 LAN to device doesn't work (in wifi extender mode)

I have the EX3700 wifi extender and it's been working fine for about 2 months.  All of sudden, 2 weeks ago it stopped working correctly.


I went through the setup procedure again.  Basically it connects fine to my router wirelessly.  


I have a VOIP phone that only connects via a LAN cable in my home office.  My router is not physically in my office so I've been using the EX3700 in extender mode so that I essentially have a LAN port physically in my office to connect my VOIP phone to.


My lap top will connect fine via wifi to the extender and has internet access. 


I tried connecting my laptop via the LAN cable to the extender and get no internet access (just like my VOIP won't get internet access via the LAN cable).  So I'm pretty sure the issue is isolated to LAN.  I did try to different LAN cables to rule that out and neither cable worked.


The phone and laptop senses an active LAN cable is plugged in when it is plugged in.but just no internet access.  The device light does not come on when a device is plugged in the LAN port of the extender.  All the other lights on the extender are green like they should be.  


When I connect to the extender via wifi with my laptop the device light does turn green.   If I log into the extender it does correctly list my laptop as a connected wireless device.  When something is plugged in the LAN port it does not show up as a connected device.


Any suggestions?

Model: EX3700|N600 WiFi Range Extender
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Re: EX3700 LAN to device doesn't work (in wifi extender mode)

Hi @mfish123,

                        May I know if LAN of extender uses 2.4 or 5GHz network? Try to switch it and let me know.

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