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Re: EX3700 stopped working


EX3700 stopped working

I've been using this extender since September last year and now suddenly it stopped working. I've tried resetting both my main router and factory resetting the extender but to no avail.


I can connect my devices (laptop and phone) to the router without any issue. The extender dashboard also shows that it is connected to the router and up and running. However, there is no actual internet connection. Nothing would load on the browser etc.


I'm wondering if this has something to do with the heat or there is a lifespan for these extenders? The firmware is up to date.

Model: EX3700|N600 WiFi Range Extender
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Re: EX3700 stopped working

Hi @daniel0824,


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1. What is the firmware version of the extender?

2. If the firmware is up to date, you can try re-flashing the firmware and do a factory reset.

3. Also, please make sure that there is no MAC filtering feature enabled on the router.





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Re: EX3700 stopped working

Mine stopped working too. Even though all 4 lights are green. I've tried factory resets, restarting my router and a bunch of other things. It just does not connect to the internet.

Model: EX3700|N600 WiFi Range Extender
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