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EX6100 unable to register account


EX6100 unable to register account

Just upgraded my extenders firmware but I am now unable to login to the extender router setup menu.  Tried factory reset a couple of times, different browsers (wireless from iPad / Safari, wired with Explorer 10, Chrome) but I cannot get past the Account registration meny.


First I get the splash screen "New Extender setup". 

Then I get the Register new account page - (note I run Swedish language);

- Filling in a password twice for the "admin" account

- Filling two password recovery questions


After completing the last response to recovery question number two, I was expected the button "Next" at the bottom of the screen to change
colour so it becomes clickable.  No such think happens, regardless of whoich browser I use.  Basically, I tried this a couple of time without success, now it seems stuck I cannot access the mywifiext.net setup menu at all. 

Any hints are much appreciated

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Re: EX6100 unable to register account

Hello Olof63


I would try to factory reset again and try to setup with a different device or even try the WPS method. If that does not work and the extender is still not responding you may want to contact support.





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