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I just bought this product and installed it with no issues, my question is you have to select the extender network when in its area and if I'm in another part of the house where the extender doesn't reach but the main main WiFi device does do I have to manually switch my phone or computer or tablet to the stronger network everything I move from room to room? I would think the meaning of an extender is to extend your current network not build a separate connection .  if anyone has any ideas if this is really how it's designed or a way around it is would appreciate it.

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Re: EX6100

Hello riser7777


Yes you manually have to switch networks as it does create a separate network. If you are looking at something where you can move room to room without having to switch network I would suggest checking out our latest router Orbi as it has a extender that keeps the same SSID and no switching required.





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