Having worked very well for many months the EX6120 started to malfunction. Devices would show they were connected to 2.4GHz channel but could not access the Internet. Yet the 5Ghz was ok.


Thinking the Extender which we had for a couple of years was just "expired" I bought a replacement but this has the same problem but additional problems of intermittent connectivity.


We want a device that extend both 2.4 and 5

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Re: EX6120

If both extenders are having the same problem it leads me to believe its not the extenders. 

1. What router are they connecting back to? firmware on it?

2. have you check to see if theres wireless interference on the 2.4ghz band? aka try changing the wireless channel?

3. Firmware on the extenders?

Current Setup: CM2000-> SXK30-> GS716v2-> Arris W31 x2-> Pi-hole->
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Re: EX6120

If you're running firmware version V1.0.0.46_1.0.29 it's a complete dumpster fire. The radio to your clients will maintain connection fine but you'll stop passing traffic to your router after some nondeterministic period of time.


I've set up pcaps on the DHCP server (router) and the Ethernet broadcasts never make it there. Seeing some reports that people resetting to factory defaults fixes things but in other cases it doesn't. Netgear shipped faulty firmware, they're well aware of it, and hopefully it's in some developers backlog to fix (but who knows the priority of this versus all their other products).

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