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EX6150-100UKS FastLane and Ethernet connection issue


EX6150-100UKS FastLane and Ethernet connection issue



I recently connected my PC to my extender using an ethernet cable whereas before it was connected using WiFi. 

I have tried it without and with FastLane on using the option 5GHz from Router to Extender and then 2.4GHz from Extender to Devices. 


I've found that the ethernet cable is very slow on FastLane whereas I was expecting it to be faster. It was also very slow with the Basic option with no FastLane. 

I'm just curious what people think the best option for me regarding the FastLane options are and my ethernet cable because I am really unsure as to whether FastLane even affects the ethernet connection or it's just related to the WiFi boosts.


Should probably mention it isn't an option to connect the router using a wired connection to the extender. 

Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you.

Model: EX6920|AC1200-WiFi Range Extenders
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Re: EX6150-100UKS FastLane and Ethernet connection issue

FastLane dedicates a radio (ideally the 5 Ghz band) as a backhaul connection to the router.  If your extender isn't getting a solid connection at 5G, then you either need to use it on the 2.4 ghz band or not use it at all.  Also, in a dual-band extender like the EX6150, you might find that your 5 ghz devices get better performance if you use the basic mode.  The net here is that it's worth trying out a couple of options, and then settle on the one that works best in your particular situation.


The ethernet performance should always be higher than the wifi performance, because ethernet is faster than the extender's wifi network.  But the difference often isn't that large (especially when the backhaul wifi link to the router is the bottleneck).  What speeds are you seeing, and how does they compare with using the extender wifi?



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