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Re: EX6150v2 Issue Maintaining Internet Connection


EX6150v2 Issue Maintaining Internet Connection

Router: NETGEAR WGR614v10

Extender: NETGEAR EX6150v2


The extender installation went smooth using the WPS feature.  The extender functions properly except that everyday I have to power off/on the extender to restablish connection to the router. 

For example, in the morning after powering on my laptop, I am able to visually select the extender from my WiFi connection, however after the connection is established to the extender, I am unable to access the internet.  I have to physically power off/on the extender for it to work properly in an effort to gain internet access. 


Items that have been verified:

All firmware (router and extender) have been updated.

The appropriate connection to my router have been established (visually inspected the extender from router access).

Reset and installed extender a couple of different times in an effort to remedy the issue with no luck. 


Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.


Thank you!


Model: EX6150|AC1200 WiFi Range Extender
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Re: EX6150v2 Issue Maintaining Internet Connection

Hi @adh15,

                   Try to modify wireless channel on router and check if that helps.

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Re: EX6150v2 Issue Maintaining Internet Connection

I am having the same issues have you found a fix?

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