EX6200 Fastlane Setup


EX6200 Fastlane Setup

Wondering if someone has good options for fastlane setup.


Am I correct in assuming that you'll always be using the fastest speeds the 2.4ghz channel can provide? So then does it really matter which option of the two you select? Somewhere in the fastlane throughput - it's gotta go through 2.4 no?

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Re: EX6200 Fastlane Setup

If you look at Page 66 of the manual you have three options for Fast lane Setup. One of them needs to be selected. Best to try and see what works best for your environment.


Yuu can use 2.4ghz or 5 ghz as the connect to the Base router, Or.. you can use 24ghz or 5 ghz as the connection from your client. Try them both see what works best for you. 


24ghz - longer range, less throughput. 5ghz - shorter range higher throughput. an example: the 2.4ghz may be best to use  (from extender to base router) if the extender is far away from Base router..

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