EX6210 Has Issues When Re Setting Up


EX6210 Has Issues When Re Setting Up

I have just hard reset my Wifi ext in order to be able to move it and update the firmware because I recieved an email saying there was a new version, it was recently set up as a access point and worked fine but it would not let me access it afterwards.


I just set it up this time as a wifi extender only and it went through the smart set up and I added my 2.4 and 5ghz info from my main router waited then clicked continue and it then went to save and timed out, the 2.4ghz ext band is working but the 5ghz is not and again it will not let me access the extender via the web address or IP address at all says PROBLEM LOADING PAGE.


Only way to solve this is too keep hard resetting it I have been using firefox to set it up could that be an issue because I'm getting really fed up of it now as is it's not as easy as it should be and it cost me £74 last year.

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