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EX6400 WiFi Mesh Extender connects to router but no internet


EX6400 WiFi Mesh Extender connects to router but no internet

I have two AC1900 Dual Band WiFi Mesh Extenders. One (EX6400v2) has been up and running for months; it is configured as an Access Point. It's connected to the router by Ethernet. It works fine.

I'm trying to add the second extender, which is EX6400v3. I have it in the same room as the router to set it up. I have been through the configuration about 6-8 times. It completes the setup just fine, and says it has successfully connected to the router. But, when I connect devices to the new extender, they cannot reach the internet. Nothing can be pinged, not even the router.


I'm not using Same Name right now, so that I can tell the two extenders apart while I'm trying to get it up and running.
The new extender is set to Extender mode.


In addition to retrying the setup multiple times:
I've tried setup using the Nighthawk app and setup using the web UI.
I've done a factory reset twice.

I've updated the firmware twice. 
I've updated my Nighthawk app. 
I've spent almost two hours on a chat with Netgear support.
I've consulted with Ziply support. 


The router is a Ziply fiber router (actually Frontier router, current ISP Ziply). If I look at the router's list of devices, I see the older extender. I also see the new one, and I see that it was at one point it obtained an IP address. But the router says it is in Offline status. This is the case even immediately after I set it up, when the extender thinks it is connected to the router just fine. The router doesn't have any of it's blocking firewall settings on. 

The router admin UI doesn't allow me to remove specific devices from the list, so I can't try clearing the "offline" entry.  (I'd have to clear the entire list which would kick off all devices, likely causing me entirely new forms of grief.)


TIA for any suggestions!

Model: EX6400|AC1900 WiFi Mesh Extender Essentials Edition
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