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EX7000 as WAP, sporadic service


EX7000 as WAP, sporadic service

My home has two EX7000s acting as wireless access points, both connected via gigabit ethernet to my home network. They are sited at two opposite corners of the property, close to two security cameras connected via wifi. There is a short and direct line of sight between each WAP and the nearest camera. The EX7000s are on firmware

We've had trouble with one camera recently, constantly reporting that it is offline then online again. I am fairly sure that it is the WAP not the camera at fault, because if I swap the cameras it is the same physical location with the problem, plus sometimes phones in that room seem to lose wifi, or switch to the more distant WAP.

I was hoping that if I connected to the device's IP address in a browser there would be some way of seeing/creating a log of its activity, but apparently not. Is there such a tool available?

Model: EX7000|AC1900 WiFi Range Extender
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Re: EX7000 as WAP, sporadic service

One option is to download the trial version of pingplotter, and set up a ping test between a device on the extender network and a device on the router network.  That will graph the responses, and let you see connectivity drops.

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Re: EX7000 as WAP, sporadic service

Ping tests show that the access point is online; the camera is not. I'm referring the problem to the camera supplier because I no longer think this is a problem with the WAP.

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Re: EX7000 as WAP, sporadic service

Hey there!

I saw that you were trying to troubleshoot something using PingPlotter. I'm on the PingPlotter service team and I wanted to let you know that we have a new service out called Reader, in which we troubleshoot your connectivity issues for you and give you a detailed report on our findings. If you're interested, head here:


Hope to see you there!


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