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EX7000 in AP Mode to L2 Managed Switch

I'd like to set up an EX7000 in AP mode connected to an L2 Managed Switch which is connected to an R6300v2 (DHCP). The switch is connected to various computers, two NAS's, an OPPO, an AVR and HDTVs. The R6300 IP is, the switch IP is

The R6300 is in the basement along with the L2 Managed Switch and RG modem for Internet. The radio's are turned off on the RG modem.

I'd like to know if I purchase the EX7000, set it up in AP mode, connect it to the switch in the basement via CAT6A STP to the EX7000 upstairs, then turn off the wireless radio's on the R6300, then essentially making the EX7000 the "new" wireless Internet / LAN connection for the house (upstairs). I have a marginal wireless signal upstairs in the house and I'd like to have better coverage upstairs.

I'm assuming the EX7000 would be setup with a static IP, e.g., and that all other connections to the switch would have the same IP's on the LAN since I would still have the R6300 manage DHCP.

Possible or could there be a better solution?


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Re: EX7000 in AP Mode to L2 Managed Switch

The EX7000 should be able to support all you want. I don’t believe that you need to set its IP statically; it should obtain an IP from the DHCP server, so you could use Address Reservation in the R6300 when you have identified the IP allocated to the EX7000. Access to the EX7000 admin would be at the IP address allocated e.g. http://192.168.1.x though the URL mywifiext.net (or whatever it currently is) may still work for wireless devices that access the LAN via the EX7000.

Is there any specific reason for turning off the R6300 radios? The only advantage I can see in doing that is if there are no other wireless networks in the area and you want to hit the maximum link rate for the EX7000 by having it operate on its own.
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Re: EX7000 in AP Mode to L2 Managed Switch

Thanks so much for your reply. You're right, I probably don't need to turn the radios off on the R6300. I really don't use wireless in the basement (all clients are wired), the signal from the R6300 is weak (outside patio) and I want to boost or have a strong the signal using the EX7000 by placing the EX7000 upstairs connected to the switch.

I could experiment using the EX7000 in extender mode, I just thought using it in AP mode could be a "cleaner" set up with only two wireless bands as opposed to four and using the EX7000 for the LAN via the switch. And, using the switch could be better than connecting the EX7000 directly to the R6300. The way it's set up (RG modem, R6300 and switch) in the basement, I really don't have an option (physically) to move any of them upstairs.
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Re: EX7000 in AP Mode to L2 Managed Switch

I will suggest you to use the EX7000 as an AP mode itself without switching to Extender mode. In that mode you don't have to worry how much of signal strength the extender is receiving from the main router R6300.
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Re: EX7000 in AP Mode to L2 Managed Switch

As everyone has indicated, Using the EX7000 asn an AP, is the best way to go.
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