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EX7300 no internet access


EX7300 no internet access

I have a Netgear router X4 R7500. To extend my network, I thought the best is to buy als a Netgear Extension, thinking this will fit best together. I have bought the EX7400 extension. I installed and configured it. All works fine. If i connect the extension (http://mywifiext.net/) the settings are fine and the both networkworks are setup properly. In the router I can see it also as connected device. All seems OK, but if I connect to the expansion I have no internet access.I have no more idea what to do, its absolutely annoying and the extension is useless.I have also reset the router, installed the extension several times, I had contact with the Netgear support via chat and phone and replaced the extension. 


Any ideas?

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Re: EX7300 no internet access

Hello Merlin3322


Make sure you have the SSID a separate name from the main router. You may also want to try and change the wireless channel on the router to see if that will help.



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