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EX7700 Connection Drop Offs


EX7700 Connection Drop Offs



I have a EX7700 extender running firmware V1.0.0.206 


Everyday the connection drops off, sometimes multiple times per day. I have tried restoring the device back to factory, and tried latest as well as older firmware.


EX7700 is connected to XR500. The XR500 does not lose internet connection when the EX7700 drops off so I definitely have this pinpointed to the extender.  It is terribly annoying to be on a call for work and have the connection drop. 


Any thoughts how to resolve this? 



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Re: EX7700 Connection Drop Offs

A couple things to try. 

1. update your firmware. You're 4 versions behind

2. when installing the ex7700 using the installation assistant, uncheck the "extend 2.4ghz network" button. You'll still be able to use the 2.4ghz but it won't act as a failover for the main 5ghz backhaul. 2.4ghz is slow and sensitive to interference. If its acting as failover and for some reason the 5ghz drops, it tends to cause issues. I wish it was unchecked by default. 

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