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EX7700 prevents DHCP from main router to work


EX7700 prevents DHCP from main router to work

Hi everyone,


I've succesfully been using an EX7700 to extend my home WiFi network. The EX7700 is configured as an extender, connected to the main WiFi network on both 2.4 and 5GHZ channels and casting a network on 5GHZ with a different SID than the main network (different SID because I want to make sure my device connects to the right endpoint).


Now, this setup has worked flawlessly for the past 6 months. Since 2 / 3 weeks I started experiencing serious issues with random disconnects, but most importantly DHCP propagation from the main router stops working. Let me explain:

* If I connect to the main router SID I get assigned an IP address

* If I connect to the EX7700 SID I don't get assigned an IP address any more. The only way for me to navigate is to manually setup an IP address on my device.


This is weird, because I always got assigned an IP address from the main router and I don't know what has changed. I had the EX7700 on auto update for the firmware, so I recently got the .210 version; I thought that could be the issue, so I downgraded to 206, factory reset and started from scratch. Same issue!


Can anybody help me investigate what's going on?

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