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I have a question about 2G versus 5G with this extender. I set up with the wizard (which worked), rather than the WPS (which didn't). Where I've got it installed at the other end of our house 18m (59 ft) away, through a dry wall, door and various bits of furniture, the 2G light is red, but the 5G light is green. I thought 2G was better for range and punching through obstructions. However, our phones seem to connect to websites and work quickly, so I guess I should be happy. Just curious about the reson why 5G works well, and 2G doesn't.

Model: EX6200|AC1200 Dual Band WiFi Range Extender
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Re: EXS6190

2g is also more sensitive to interference than 5ghz. 

it does broadcast further and through more materials. You are correct on that. 


try different channels on the 2.4ghz router as well as try different locations. Sometimes a lateral move can help as much as moving closer. 

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