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Re: EAX20 extender output power percentage


Eax20 extender output power percentage

Hi, I am not able to find the settings to change the antenna output power. I was able to see this and change this settings couple of months ago, but now the settings page is not showing up to change this. Was there any update to remove this, I still see it in the manual.


Page 38 (https://www.downloads.netgear.com/files/GDC/EAX20/EAX20_UM_EN.pdf)


In my extender settings page, this tab is missing.


How do i find this ?

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Re: EAX20 extender output power percentage

I just updated to firmware V1.0.0.48_1.0.93 and can also confirm that the power settings page has been removed from the menus. I use my EAX20 to provide coverage to a small living room area furthest from the main router (RAX80), and don't want the slower signal from the extender overpowering the main router in other areas of the house. That is now happening.


Until Netgear fixes the issue with another firmware update, can someone post the full URL of the power settings page that may still be accessible even though the menu item has been removed. Thank you.

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Re: Eax20 extender output power percentage

After some messing around with versions it looks like the power settings can still be accessed in the latest version. Not sure why they removed it from the menu.


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