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Ex6150 Bricked Firmware


Ex6150 Bricked Firmware

I have a Ex6150 extender that is bricked. Solid Orange power lite. I can't communicate with the device via IP address, ssh or tftp. There is no physical damage. My only remaining course of action is to update/restore firmware via a serial connection which I understand this MediaTek's MT7621ST board has. I have poked away with my meter and cannot find the pins. Third party Documentation indicates it's supposed to be located "behind the ethernet port". No luck finding them. 


So my question is, do serial pins exist on this board and how can I find them? And finally can the firmware be restored via a serial interface. Any direction or guidance would be helpful.


This has become my latest Rubik's Cube.... And BTW, your engineering level documentation sucks.



Model: EX6150v2|AC1200 WiFi Range Extender
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