Ex6150 security update madness


Ex6150 security update madness

I hope someone can help maybe answered many times before. 


I have downloaded a patch patch for my extender ( first time in a long time ignored previous others) 

ok when I follow Instructions to input it takes me to my routers home page not NETGEAR.

when I type it takes me to create new account and that’s it a dead end, no login , no page where I can access my extender and apply the update. 


Please help 


Model: EX6150|AC1200 WiFi Range Extender
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Re: Ex6150 security update madness

If you go to your routers attached devices page, it should list the ip address for your extender. You can use this to access the extender. Another option is to hardwire into the extender via its ethernet port (recommended method of updating anyway) and go to the 


Many of the extenders are now using an account login to access the device. If you didn't set this up, the fastest method might be to factory reset the device and go through the setup process again. 

Current Setup: CM2000-> SXK30-> GS716v2-> Arris W31 x2-> Pi-hole->
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