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Ex6400v3 mesh extender cannot connect to extender


Ex6400v3 mesh extender cannot connect to extender

I set this up with no issues and it worked fine for a few days. Then I noticed it was no longer functioning after the most recent update to the installation app

Whether using the app or the website the extender isn't found when I am connected to the the network it is supposed to be boosting and the network NETGEAR_EXT that I used to do the original setup no longer shows up as an option to connect to so I cannot connect to it that way or even do a new setup.

What do I do?

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Re: Ex6400v3 mesh extender cannot connect to extender

did you setup the EX6400 using wps or using the default settings? 
If so, its a mesh extender. meaning it'll setup using the same ssid as the router. It won't show up as a seperate network. 

This allows devices to roam between it and the router as needed. 


If you log into your router, check its attached devices list (or equivelent for your router) and it should list the extender and its ip address. Use the IP address to access it. 

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