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Extend WiFi range in an apartment without wired hookup


Extend WiFi range in an apartment without wired hookup

I have used a Netgear Router in my home.    I will be moving into an apartment building for persons over the age of 62.    The building has free internet in the common areas and you are given a password to logon when you move in.    There is no hookup in the apartment but I did pick up on the network on my cellphone while touring the apartment.


I have been reading about WiFi extenders and am now completely confused.   If I do not have physical access to the building's modem/router, how do I set up an extender and what would be my best option in equipment?    I spend a considerable amount of time online (laptop, streaming tv/movies, and cell phone).    

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Re: Extend WiFi range in an apartment without wired hookup

I recommend you post here in the extender forum:




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Re: Extend WiFi range in an apartment without wired hookup

I'm no expert, but pretty much any Wifi extender should work for you. You simply plug it in, log into the configuration page of the extender, look for the wifi signal you want to use, and attach to it using the password they have given you. And hey presto, you'll have a much stronger wifi signal in your apartment. I have just bought an EX2700 which arrived today. I'm having a couple of nerdy problems with it, but frankly, it seems to do the job. and it's really cheap.


If you want to get nerdy, you might want to find out if the network you'll be using also has a 5G channel (the EX2700 only uses the 2.4G band) but we're probably splitting hairs.


Or...You may be able to use your existing Netgear router to do the same thing, and not spend a penny extra. Post the model number here, and I'm sure someone will tell you how to set it up as an access point or wifi extender. You might want to log into your router and see if it has options for this yourself. The process is exactly the same as with an extender.

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