Extend both secure and guest SSIDs from R7300DST

I have a R7300DST package, which consists of a DST Router and a DST Adapter (which I understand uses powerline technology).  I have the router set up to generate a secure SSID and a guest SSID.  However, I can only get the DST adapter to generate an extension of the secure SSID.  Is there any way to make it also extend the guest SSID?  If the DST adapter cannot do this, what are my options?  Could I install an extender (such as N300, AC750, etc.) in range of the router and set it up to detect and extend the guest SSID?  I might have to run an ethernet cable from this extender into a powerline adapter such as a PL1000/PLW1000 pair to get around a thick concrete block wall.  I'd appreciate any suggestions or alternative approaches.

Model: EX2700|N300 WiFi Range Extender,EX3920|AC750 WiFi Range Extenders
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Re: Extend both secure and guest SSIDs from R7300DST

It's unlikely that the DST adapter can extend the guest SSID.  An extender should work.

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