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Re: Extender (EX7000) can't see all 5Ghz networks


Extender (EX7000) can't see all 5Ghz networks

Hi folks
Just received my EX7000, posting here until the unit gets its own forum:)
The extender is connected to a Netgear R8000, a router with 2 separate 5 ghz radios in addition to a 2.4 ghz radio. The problem is that my EX7000 only sees one of the 5 ghz radios, inf fact the one with lowest gain. All our family's phones, tablets etc. can see all radios and connect without problems, only the EX7000 is blind......Tried resetting both router and extender with no luck, latest firmware installed on both units. Any suggestions out there?
Regards Dr.Doogie

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Re: Extender (EX7000) can't see all 5Ghz networks

The second 5Ghz are using non dfs channels which the extender might not be supporting that is why it will not detect it.
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Re: Extender (EX7000) can't see all 5Ghz networks

Thx for answering! It turns out youre almost right, except that the extender will not detect dfs channels. Non fds works great, but one of the radios only provide dfs.......

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Re: Extender (EX7000) can't see all 5Ghz networks

I was having an issue where my EX7000 extender didn't see or connect with my 5GHz network even if I entered it manually.  Spend hours with tech support, returned unit which they said was defective and bought another sample but it had the same problem.  I finally found this KB which solved the issue. http://kb.netgear.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/25057/~/why-can%E2%80%99t-i-find-my-5ghz-existing-netw...

 You're correct ... you have to use a non DFS channel.

But why couldn't tech support know that.  Why is that info not in the instructions.

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