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Extender gives 50% less speed


Extender gives 50% less speed

The range extender was originally working well but now its only giving me half as much speed as my broad band service provides. I spent quite some time shouting at them oin the phone to find out that the extender is the problem..


I've reset it and reset my computer but there is no improvement. Anyone else have this problem and know how to fix it?

Model: EX6150|AC1200 WiFi Range Extender
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Re: Extender gives 50% less speed

Hello dgwright


When you extend a network over a wireless extender you can lose up to 50% speed you will not get the full speed as your main router.



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Re: Extender gives 50% less speed

I have a similar but different problem.


I was running 50mbs speed on the non extender computer and 30mbs on the one connected to the extender. I increased my speed from my ISP to 100 from 50 and the extended computer stayed the same 30mbs or actually went down.


I have no idea why the speed would not increase on the computer running off the extender. Everything else is exactly the same.


Anyone have any ideas? 

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Re: Extender gives 50% less speed

A wireless extender has to re-transmit everything that it receives, which explains why it's 50% slower than the main Wi-Fi router.  On top of that, your device's Wi-Fi adapter and or extender may be using an older, slower technology (e.g. N150 class Wi-Fi at 2.4 GHz) that is unable to match the speed of your Internet service.  You could also be operating on a Wi-Fi channel that is congested by nearby Wi-Fi networks operated by neighbors.  There could be radio interference from microwaves, Bluetooth devices and baby monitors.  Finally, the device could be too far away from the extender.


Without more information, it's impossible to say which one or more of these factors apply to your situation.

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Re: Extender gives 50% less speed

How extender works?  rx >> tx, tx >> rx , double 2way communication going in the extender. 

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