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Extender won't connect to the internet


Extender won't connect to the internet

I have a EX6100v2 that has been working fine for a few months. We lost power the other day. Since then, the extender will connect to the router, but says internet may not be available. It has excellent signal strength and I can connect to the router with my phone and have internet access. I have done a factory reset on the extender twice and gone thru the setup as per the booklet that came with the unit. The result has been the same. Connected to the router, no internet. Phone can connect directly to router and use the internet. I don't have access to the router because it belongs to the landlord and my internet access is included with rent. Can someone help me figure this out, please?
Model: EX6100|AC750 WiFi Range Extender
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Re: Extender won't connect to the internet

Could be a issue with the router needing the mac address of the extender added to the allow list in order for the internet to work.



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