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Re: Extending iPhone Hotspot with WN2000RPT


Extending iPhone Hotspot with WN2000RPT


Has anyone ever attempted to extend an iPhone hotspot with one of these extenders?

I am looking into it for a project but didn't want to spend the cash one one if it wouldn't work.

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Re: Extending iPhone Hotspot with WN2000RPT

See my recent message re problems with iPad and Mac mini trying to connect to a WN2000RPT extender. In looking for a solution to my problem I searched extensively and found quite a number of reports of problems with Apple devices connecting to various brands of wireless routers, access points, etc., but in particular with extenders. I haven't yet gotten a solution to my issue. In my case the devices connect to the existing Linksys router with no problems, but won't connect to the extender.
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