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Re: Firewall Issues


Firewall Issues

Hello everybody, I am having a serious issue of connecting my blu ray dvd player and wi console to my internet through my router. I am using a WNR2000v3 and am having serious trouble with this firewall issue. I have followed all of the faq that I have found on the netgear website. I have tried port forwarding, port triggering, giving wireless access and tons of other ideas that I have come across in my search.

If anyone may have had the same issue that I am having now, Please feel free to help. I have been working on this issue for quite sometime now and I am just :confused:

Thanking anyone who can help in advanced.
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Re: Firewall Issues

make sure router has public IP (ISP released IP)

try static IP on player and provide ISP DNS for DNS info
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Re: Firewall Issues

You haven't told us what the issue you're having is.

Port forwarding/triggering is primarily used if you're hosting a server of some sort and should not be required for a blue-ray player or the Wii.

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