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Frustrated with a TRYING to get my wifi extender to connect to my existing router


Frustrated with a TRYING to get my wifi extender to connect to my existing router

I"m at the end of my rope with Netgear!!


Here is the problem.  

I have an existing network that's been up and running for over twenty years.  I currently (last few years) use a Netgear WGR614V9 router.  It has the most recent updates.  I just purchased a Netgear N300 Wifi range extender model EX2700.  No matter what I try, I can't get the extender to pair with the router.


The instructions say I can press the wps button on the extender and within two minutes push the wps button on the router.  Unfortunately, I can't find a WPS router button and it's not mentioned in the manual.


I've followed option 2 a number of times, resetting the extender (safety pin while the extender is plugged in and on) after each failed attempt.  At no point has the router light on the extender been lit.  I tried plugging in to an outlet shared with the router.  My router has the most up to date firmware and is less than half a foot from the extender.    

On mywifiext.net site, I select my existing network and enter the password.  Then I choose to use the same password for the extended network.  It correctly shows mynetwork_EXT as an available network and I can log onto it from several machines (iPad, laptop with Windows and with Linux) but without internet access.  


The problem begins when I get to a screen about attaching devices to the extended network and clicking continue.  At the point, it simply chugs away for a bit and then returns to the login screen for the primary network.  Hopefully, someone can explain why it's NOT WORKING as it's supposed to.   😞

I've also added the mac address to a reserved ip as well as setting my network to only allow specific equipment by MAC address BUT that is clicked OFFED for now.  I usually do that whenever I install anything new. 

Please let me know if you need any other information.

Thank you very much!

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Re: Frustrated with a TRYING to get my wifi extender to connect to my existing router

The way I solved the problem was to deep six both the older router AND the extender and replace them with a non-Netgear router with a wider coverage area.


I didn't see a way to lock or delete this question but if a mod or admin wants to, thank you.


Model: EX2700|N300 WiFi Range Extender
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