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Getting wired/wireless LAN working with 3g Mobile Internet


Getting wired/wireless LAN working with 3g Mobile Internet

I'm the proud owner of a Netgear DG834 ADSL Router, a Netgear Wireless Router WPN824, and a Netgear WPN111 Rangemax Wireless USB device.;) I have one Toshiba Laptop running Win7 64bit and a PC running XP. I live in Melbourne, Australia. Until recently I had ADSL Internet going into the DG834, with an ethernet connection to the WPN824 giving me the option of both wired Lan between the two computers, wifi to two HP printers and wireless to run wifi Internet (with the help of a TotoLink N100R wireless repeater) to a TiVo box in another part of the house, and wifi to a HiMedia media centre. An ethernet connection out of the WPN824 provided Internet to an Optus HomeZone box which gave us 5 bars of reception for our mobile phones. All worked together well. However, I recently moved home to a location that cannot get an ADSL or Cable Internet connection so my only option is Telstra's 3G Mobile Wireless Internet service. So I have purchased a Telstra Elite pre-paid mobile wifi modem (which has no ethernet port) - which allows for up to 5 simultaneous wifi connections direct to the web. I've been able to get the two PCs talking to the Internet and Tivo talks to the wifi network via the repeater. However, I'm unable to get the two pcs to network together either by ethernet or wifi and I can't get the wireless printers or the HomeZone unit to work. :mad: To make matters worse I have forgotten my Network password for the (old) ethernet LAN. I'm low-mid techno savvy and think I've got some stuff setup incorrectly. Currently both the DG834 and WPN824 are disconnected. Is there any way I can use this selection of kit to get everything working together? :confused: Would it make a difference if I replaced the Telstra wireless modem with one that had one or more ethernet outputs ? Do Netgear do such a product?
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Re: Getting wired/wireless LAN working with 3g Mobile Internet

paragraphs are smarter way for people to respond..
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