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Help Pls - Recommend A Solution


Help Pls - Recommend A Solution

Thanks in advance. I'm lost and at the point of giving up with my WiFi. I currently have a Virgin Fibre Connection 200MB and have the router in modem mode and am using a Google WiFi Mesh system. The Google system has been appalling. We are constantly having to reboot all the units and in general the performance is awful. I've spent hours on with Google support and they're unable to resolve it. Therefore this week I've taken delivery of a new Virgin SuperHub 3 and would like to try something different to extend the WiFi network over the 3 floors in my home. However there are so many products I'm at a loss in terms of what to choose. So ground floor, first floor and then loft conversion second floor. I do have a Cat5 cable running up to the loft. I'd be grateful of any support! 

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