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Help with N600 WAP Setup

Hi, I'll start by saying that I don't and haven't really done much of this type of thing, so I'm very limited in how much I know.

So, I have two N600 wireless routers. I recently moved, and when the cable company came to install the cable modem, TV, etc, they just installed a new one. So I boxed up the old one and put it away. My problem is that my apartment is pretty big and the signal is a bit weak in the bedroom. (The router in use is now installed in the living room). A friend said that I can use the other router as an access point in the bedroom, where it would sort of "pull & increase" the signal from the living room router to the bedroom? Is this correct? And can someone tell me how to do this or link me to instructions if it already exists? Thanks.
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Re: Help with N600 WAP Setup

N600 is NOT model number
N600 is NOT access point

N600 is wireless/wired router family

belongs to
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Re: Help with N600 WAP Setup

Wow, that was really helpful. Thanks.
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