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How do I install a 2nd range extender?


How do I install a 2nd range extender?

Hello, I have two areas in my house with poor wifi connectivity.  I've bought a repeater (WN3000RPv3) which has resolved the problem in the first area.  I have bought a 2nd repeater for the 2nd area but when I install it, it gets the same name as the first repeater (_ext)  and I cannot connect to the new repeater.  How can I have 2 repeaters, with 2 different names?  I'm IT clueless so please make the instructions idiot proof!  Thank you.

Model: WN3000RPv2|N300 WIFI Range Extender,WN3000RPv3|N300 WiFi Range Extender
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Re: How do I install a 2nd range extender?

Hello Ta1956


I would connect your laptop or pc via ethernet cord to the extender itself and then log into the extender using www.mywifiext.net and then rename that network or if that does not work log into you other extender using www.mywifiext.net and rename it then set up the second one.



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