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How to Extend WiFi Coverage in Your Home

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How to Extend WiFi Coverage in Your Home

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With all the latest and greatest wireless devices coming into our households, ensuring your home network can handle these devices is vital. Not only is high-speed WiFi coverage essential, whole-home WIFi remains just as important. By having the freedom of seamless roaming, you’ll be able to enjoy WiFi anywhere, anytime in your home.


There are challenges to achieve complete WiFi coverage, but that’s not to say it’s impossible. Factors including hardware and home size all play a role in the coverage quality you may ultimately receive. Below are a few methods that many currently use, each with their pros and cons, but with some being more ideal solutions than others to fully achieve complete WiFi coverage.


Install a WiFi Range Extender


A common way to increase WiFi coverage is by installing a WiFi Range Extender, which connects to your existing WiFi router and creates a separate WiFi network. One of the downsides of having a separate WiFi network is that your devices need to constantly log into the wireless extender and back to the router as your move around your home. Additionally, you sacrifice performance due to bandwidth being shared by the wireless extender, the router, and all connected devices.


Install an Additional WiFI Router


Some savvy users choose to install an additional router, essentially turning it into an access point to help extend WiFi coverage. The setup may not be ideal for most, as it requires network cabling which can be complex. It also shares the same bandwidth issues as the above solution.


Install a WiFi Mesh System


With all the pain points and headaches many suffer from while trying to achieve seamless WiFi coverage, NETGEAR has designed a solution that trumps the previous methods mentioned.


Enter the Nighthawk Mesh Extender system. Designed to work with any router, whether it’s ISP-provided equipment or the latest WiFi router from any brand or manufacturer (hopefully NETGEAR 😉). This game-changing solution provides seamless WiFi without sacrificing performance. Also, the Nighthawk Mesh Extender System shares the same network name and security credentials as your existing router, allowing you to freely roam without the disconnect.


Lucky for you, we have multiple options when it comes to creative a Nighthawk Mesh Extender system. Whether you prefer a desktop form factor or the subtleness of a wall plug, the choice is yours. Either way, your WiFi problems will be solved and you can say “bye bye” to those WiFi dead zones and dropped connections.



To learn more about our Nighthawk Mesh Extender system, please visit: https://www.netgear.com/landings/mesh-wifi-extenders/


Read the entire blog article here: http://blog.netgear.com/blog/how-to-extend-wifi-coverage-in-your-home/


Does Nighthawk Mesh sound like a solution to your WiFi issues? What method do you currently use to better help your WiFi coverage?



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Re: How to Extend WiFi Coverage in Your Home

Nice post Dustin! I've gone with the XR500 router in my front room and the EX8000 Mesh extender in a bedroom. I get full speeds across my little house. Maybe I'll put another EX8000 in my garage to get some in my coverage there too someday.

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