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How to specify channel as well as SSID


How to specify channel as well as SSID


I use my extender to connect to a wifi network that uses captive portal to login.

Near the extender there are 3 APs with the same SSID but different channels.

The extender sometimes switches among them, probably depending on signal variations.

The problem is that when it switches, I need to login again at the captive portal.


Is there a way to specify which SSID AND channel to extend?

In this way, the extender would remain always connected to the same AP ...


thanks a lot.


Model: WN3000RPv3|N300 WiFi Range Extender
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Re: How to specify channel as well as SSID

No, there is no way to lock an extender to a specific channel.  


Does this problem happen if you remove the extender?  If so, I would contend that the network design is broken and should be fixed.  Reconfiguring the APs to broadcast different SSIDs would be one way to fix it.

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