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Identify Extender Ex6250


Identify Extender Ex6250

I have a AC1750 R6400V2 router and purchased a ex6250 mesh extender.  I went through the Connect with WPS process and eveything seemed to work fine.  I have some questions.  On my laptop, how do I see the extender?  I look at WiFi devices and do not see it.  I thought I could move from coverage area with a device and it would automatically use the strongest signal (router or extender) but my phone will not work on the router any more. What might I have done wrong? 

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Re: Identify Extender Ex6250

The roaming function is a feature of the device (phone/laptop) own roaming protocol. In the windows most of the devices network card has a setting to change the roaming aggressiveness. The phone's are usually built into it. So there isn't' really anything to mess with. 

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