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Information saved on router


Information saved on router

I have an R7000 router and a WN2500RP range extender. For some unexplained reason I could not log into my R7000 router. After a 'reset' of the router I was able to log in with my (changed) userid and password - not admin/password as I expected after a reset.  In any event it works just fine.


I then tried to log into my WN2500RP range extender and that failed.  I 'reset' it as well, waited for it to come back online and it's visible in the Attached Devices section of my router list but I cannot log into it.  I get the error message, "The information you entered does not match what is saved on the router."


1. Which 'router' is the message referring to? Where is this information being stored and can I access it if it's on my R7000 router?

2. After failing the userid/password on the extender and selecting Username & Password Help I'm asked two questions

3. First question is the name of the first NETGEAR product you purchased?  I tried R7000, WN2500RP - apparently neither are acceptable. Extender shows up as EX2700 as the extender's name. Tried that and pasword help failed.

4. Second question I know so that's not an issue.


How can I get into my WN2500RP range extender?



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Re: Information saved on router

Hello DaleMcin


Did you factory reset the extender by holding the reset button for 10 seconds.



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Re: Information saved on router

I finally got everything to work again.  Apparenly sometime during the night we had a brownout. My main router is on a backup battery so it didn't go down but my extender did. When it came back it's IP address had changed sice it got its IP address from my router. I turned the extender off (actually just unplugged it) and let it set. Rebooted my router then plugged the extender back in. Got the 'new' IP address and was able to connect.

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