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Is a ACCESS POINT what I need???? R6700v2 WAC104


Is a ACCESS POINT what I need???? R6700v2 WAC104

I just moved to a new home where the best Internet access is using the T-Mobile 5g Internet device. I have this wired to my R6700v2 router. The only window that the T-Mobile device will get a good signal is at the opposite end of the house from where I want my office that only has wired devices (computers, printers, plotter, etc). The WiFi signal between the two locations is poor due to walls etc. I have tried a WAC104 and it works great if close or wired to the R6700 but the distance it too great to connect wireless. Any suggestions besides crawling through the attic with some Cat6 Cable to a Ethernet switch in my office??? I only need to extend the wired portion of the access point, Hoping to do this over wireless from my router to an Access Point.

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Re: Is a ACCESS POINT what I need???? R6700v2 WAC104

walls and distance are both great at blocking wifi. 

If you just moved there and purchased the home, I actually would take the time to run a wire. You can mess with powerline adapters, moca adapters, using a mesh system, or even cobbling together a wireless bridge setup. But it doesn't mean they'll work well. 

If you expect to be there long term and its for an something you're going to be using for work, its probably worth the time in my opinion to run the wire. 

options though

1. a wireless bridge setup. I'm not a fan of these but some use them. you'd go router---->router in bridge modem---->access point/devices. Still needs a decent wireless connection between the router and the router in bridge mode. 

2. powerline system. These can lose speed over distances and crossing circuits but when they work, they're pretty stable

3. moca adapter. they're ethernet over coax. If your home is wired for coax, you can use those cables as a form of ethernet. Works pretty well and stable

4. a mesh system. You can switch to something like orbi/mk nighthawk thats a mesh system and use a router + satellite/satellites to provide more coverage for the home. I like these systems when they're a triband setup. they work well and are allow seamless roaming. depending on home size, distance, construction materials it would change how many satellites you'd need as well as how well it'd work. 

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