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Login to 2nd router


Login to 2nd router

Im not sure exactly where this should go.

I have a Nighthawk in my house. From it, using DECA ends (as a power/signal inserter) and coax, I have run to a N750 in my garage apartment/office. Its working fine internet access wise, but I need to log into the 750, and cant. When I use the netgear genie, it will go straight into the nighthawk. How do I log into JUST the 750?

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Re: Login to 2nd router

Provide some simple graphics on how things are set-up.


Two NAT routers - being side-by-side or in-line - are not a good choice. Management issues, havoc, poor communication options in-house are predictable.


Only one router has to operate as a router, the other should be wired to the primary router LAN port and configured as a wireless access point.

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