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Lost internet connection PLW1000 v2


Lost internet connection PLW1000 v2

I have a plw1000 v2 that has been working for probably 2 years now.  The box portion is plugged in upstairs and connected via cable to my modem, and the antennae box is downstairs.  But, this morning nothing will connect to it.  I keep getting a message that say "no internet connection".  I admit I am not network savvy, but I have already rebooted by AT&T modem, and both pieces to my netgear plw.  I have a green power light and a blue wireless light.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Model: PLW1000|PowerLINE 1000 Wireless adapter
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Re: Lost internet connection PLW1000 v2

many things can impact powreline devices.

some cell phone chargers, electronics going bad, etc. 

try moving the powerline devices next to each other on the same circuit and see if they work. If they do, its probably something injecting interfernce in the powerline system. 

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