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MR6150 - 5G Creating significant range boost to cell tower reception (DIY)


MR6150 - 5G Creating significant range boost to cell tower reception (DIY)

Firstly, just want to say this 5G WiFi 6 Mobile Router (MR6150) has done a good job.

My issue is, when I am in a valley, like I am when I am home mere aerials don't do anything. Infact, a very old modem with 4G pretty much stomps this unless it has great conditions. It is small and cute after all.

However, since I have an unlimited 5G plan and don't travel all the time requiring a modem rather than just my phone, I figured heck why not make a custom range booster.


I also have other Netgear modems and the same principle applies but for not a lot of money, I was hoping you guys at Netgear might like to know how to make a relatively simple device dialup (you supply the power) the aerials and the modem simply pushes its feeble single out then gets massively boosted and depending on the kW of the power I have provided I have been in the middle of no where throughout the USA and managed to get maximum signal from cities away.


Let me know if this is okay, and I would love to share. I haven't put any YouTube videos up or posted elsewhere but I am happy to let my rudimentary, portable product that does not hurt any device allow it to simply receive maximum signal all the time. 

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