Matching SSID and Printing

I have a Linksys router and the NetGear WN100RP Range Extender. I want to make it so that the SSID matches my router, but the main reason is so that my WIFI printer can print even if the end user is connected through the extender. Will simply changing the SSID to match my router allow this to happen? What steps do I need to take? Thanks!
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Re: Matching SSID and Printing

There's no need to match the SSID of the range extender to the router to permit printing - the SSID is an identifier that allows you to connect to the network, once you are connected to the network, you have access to all connected resources, regardless of how those resources are connected. There is one exception to this rule - and the SSID has no impact on it - if you have wireless isolation enabled, no wireless device can connect to another wireless device.

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